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Steve Barnett takes office of Franklin's mayor Monday January 30, 2017
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118th Beck Family Reunion

All descendants of Gottlieb & Rebecca Bowser Beck and George Wesley & Mary Fogelsong Beck are invited to attend the 118th Beck Family Reunion.  The reunion will be held at Province Park, 389 E. Monroe Street, Franklin, Indiana, 46131, at the shelter east of the creek.  Look for the red and white “Beck” banner.  A pitch-in meal will begin at 1 p.m., followed by a time to share pictures and stories regarding one of Johnson County’s oldest families. 

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FDC attorney ask to change mission terminology

Rob Schafstall Esq. says mission definition is outdated and

does not define the true nature of what the corp does


By Allen Watts - June 2017


The FDC’s (Franklin Development Corporation) mission-purpose has been to aid “blighted properties” in the Franklin downtown area. However the successful project has grown immensely and is reaching outside of the original “outdated defined boundary”

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