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Steve Barnett takes office of Franklin's mayor Monday January 30, 2017
(317) 346-4654
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Picture Source LOCAL retailer sale Ad
 Guns laws need changed! NOW
   Weapons such as those pictured here are NOT needed to protect our homes.   
    These type of weapons should require "SPECIAL" permits to own and the owners should be held responsible. The retailers should NOT be allowed to sale these 
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GPL Easter Egg hunt

NEW LOCATION this year!


Carpenter Realty, Bailey & Wood

Financial, Davis Homes, and GPL are

sponsoring this free, family-friendly event

featuring egg hunts for ages between 0-10 and

more family fun



NEW LOCATION this year!

GHS(Greenwood High School) Soccer field

615 Smith Valley Rd.

Sat. March 31 @ 10:00 am